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30. April 2015

MAXFLOW Compact Filter System: Improved process efficiency in precision grindery

High performance, reliability and low maintenance. These were the criteria set by the precision grindery Jores GmbH in Bad Sobernheim, Rhineland Palatinate, for the cooling lubricant filtration system to go with their new, world's largest double-sided face grinding machine for batch processes. These criteria were met in full by the MAXFLOW compact filter system CS 1000-503 made by GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG. In addition to the required filtration fineness of 5µm at a filtration rate of over 100 litres per minute, the specific system features of an integrated briquetting facility and no need for filter aids were also winning arguments for the MAXFLOW.

Jores processes high-quality large series as well as special components for system suppliers and component suppliers to the automotive sector, manufacturers of rolling bearings and machine manufacturers for the printing and wood-processing sectors. This includes the precision grinding of workpieces with diameters of up to 800 millimetres. In all these processes, the purity of the cooling lubricant plays a key role, as it is crucial for the precision of the ground parts. In view of previous good experiences with GKD’s compact filter systems, the company has now decided for the fourth time on the MAXFLOW compact filter system CS 1000-503, which combines filtration and briquetting in a single unit. With the high-performance MAXFLOW, Jores can handle the considerably higher volumes it produces – compared to other grinderies – of cooling lubricant mixed with grinding waste that needs to be processed. The new system has two filter packets in its filter head, each consisting of two vertically aligned static disc filters. Screened with YMAX® multidimensional blended filter mesh, these disc filters enable the filtration of over 100 litres of oil per minute at a filter fineness of 5µm. The filter cake that builds up is detached from the disc filters through automatic backwashing and then pressed in the integrated briquetting system and ejected as dry briquets. The high purity of the filtered oil and the improved precision of the components shorten the time required for downstream processes and thus improve the overall efficiency of the grinding process.

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